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Kerman carries a natural beauty and cultural splendor like no other place. Every year, many visitors come here to experience the unique cultural heritage and scenery.

there are many wonderful places in kerman, the normal tours dont bring visitors there. if you like to have a  private or group visit to the special places that will wonder you …..

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Kerman tour package

Kerman City Tours
 knoe more Kerman Heritage trail ,Historic Kerman reflected in culture personified, architecture, religious houses and current lifestyle.  There are 1 to 4 days Kerman city tours, with attractive activities and  having fun plus visiting of top attractions of Kerman.Contact us for details …
Kerman Kaluts Tours
 1-kalut within a corner of the vast Dasht-e Lut (desert), you could be forgiven for wondering if you’ve stumbled into a lost city as miles of eroded towers, walls, forts, apartment blocks stick out from nowhere.Contact us for details …
Kerman Cultural Tours
kerman cultural tour package To be familiar with culture and tradition of people living in this wonder land, to eat special local food, to live in a local house and see what they do in a normal day, you can join and enjoy taking a tour with locals.Eat with locals, Tours with Locals, Activities with localsContact us for details …
Kerman private tours
kerman private tour package Whether you stay 2 days, 2 weeks or 2 months in Kerman, there are still many places, activities and attraction that can amuse you and wonder you, in this wonderful land. From nature, to culture, to history, to having a fun. You can ask for private tours to visit unique attractions that general tour packages don’t cover them.Contact us for details … 

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