Notational library

National libraryA spinning and weaving factory was established in 1929 by the investment of some of rich people of Kerman, Yazd, Rafsanjan, In Mohammad Reza Shah period because of bankruptcy it left unusable until 1991. The architecture of the building is Ostad Me’mar Bashi. It restored in 1991 and changed to national library.The Kerman National Library modestly bills itself as the ‘greatest information research center in the country’, but for non-Farsi speakers it’s the architecture

It’s area is about 5800 sq.m with the capacity of 500 people and . The library enjoys a computer system that is connected to Internet. There are about 22 manuscript books in library. Different parts of library include; study hall for man and woman, special hall for researcher, periodical hall and the part of reference books.

kerman National library

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