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Ultra Marathon Race in Kerman- May 2016

Paolo and WRA-XRO team had a meeting with Kerman province governor to illustrate and promote the race program. The governor, mr Mr Razm Hosseini, has welcomed and praised the initiative, hoping it will benefit the tourism and development of Kerman area. Paolo gave mr Hosseini an autographed copy of his book, that was received as a really pleasant gift.

The next scheduled race is ISRU – Iranian Silk Road Ultramarathon: a spectacular race in the Lut desert of Iran, organized in collaboration with the Iranian government. An exceptional race in terms of athletic and landscape, as the Lut has a variety of terrain and geological formations that is unmatched – not least the presence of the hottest place on earth – but also historical: after 38 years, in Iran the ISRU will be the first race which will see men and women compete together. A great achievement for everyone.

more info on registering in Iranian Silk Road Ultramarathon- in kerman at :http://www.extremeracesorganization.com/en/registration.asp



watch the video on introducing the Iranian Silk Road Ultramarathon- in kerman