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In the Land of Stars: A French Traveler in Kerman

Emée, who is in her late twenties , a film maker ans a video editor is a traveller, traveling along whole world.she wrote in her blog about traveling to Iran and her stay in Kerman :

“A I stayed in Kerman only for two nights, but the enthusiasm and dedication of my host allowed me to see quite a lot in those two days. Hamams, the shrine of an inspired poet in Mahan, some ice-houses and other places of interest… My host even arranged for me to attend a choir repetition, which was a really nice experience. It was interesting to see that they did have some musical/cultural activity going on – and that choir was of very good quality! – even on a small scale. I’ve been warmly welcomed by all of them, of course (it was Iran after all!)  It has been an intense and true time in Kerman” …

read more at : http://www.ohmyroad.com/kerman-iran/

Kerman Bazzar

Kerman Bazzar