Moshtaghiye dome

Moshtaqieh AlishahMoshtaqieh is one of the building of Qajars period. Moshtaqieh is a place which sites in the east of Jame-a mosque is and it is the tomb of one of Sufis leaders whose name is Moshtaqieh Alishah. Entering from the big door and after passing through a narrow and long hallway one would reach to Moshtaqieh little-garden. In the north side of building there are Moshtaqieh, Kosar Allishah and Mir Hossein Khan tombs.

This place at first was the tomb of Mir Hossein Khan who was the ruler of Kerman in Zands era and after the death of Karim Khan Zand. He has selected this place as his own tomb. After the killing of Moshtaq his body was also buried there so it is now famous to Moshtaqieh. There are two tile-work domes above the both tombs, that have been made in the recent century and because of paying no attention to it some parts of it has been destroyed.

This dome is located in the Moshtaqiyeh sq. in Kerman. Moshtaq Ali Shah was stoned to death in the year 1206 AH. due to his personal beliefs. He was condemned because of reciting the Holy Qoran with a string instrument called the sitar.

Moshtaqieh Alishah


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