Emam Mosque

Imam MosqueThe large and famous mosque “Emam mosque” is one of the oldest mosques in Kerman and probably Iran, which sites in the north-east of old city of Kerman, its width is more than 107m and there are for “Shabestan” (part of a mosque designed for sleeping or nocturnal praying) in its every four sides, that the most famous of them is “Shabestan Imam Hasani”. The large porch of mosque sites in the opposite side of western door. One of the large doors is opened to north and the others are opened to south-western side. Unfortunately during the time, tile works and inscriptions of the mosque have been destroyed completely and there is no document on the date of its constructing and also its architect.

Imam MosqueIn the middle of the courtyard of mosque there is a pool at a depth of 4m, in the past it was used for performing ablution. Nowadays because of the lack of water performing ablution is difficult in mosque and only the old pools which are situated beside mosque are used. This mosque was “Malek Toranshah”, who many stories has been said about his justice and fairness. Different parts of mosque especially the main porch restored in Vakil almolk period (1285H) and the easter porch has been restored with the effort of Deilamanqani in the recent century.

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