Hayati Museum

Hayati Museum is located in Vakil Bazar, 200 meters after Vakil tea house, In Hayati economy museum; artisans, activities and products are subject displayed. The artefacts such as Pateh, Carpet, Gelim, Copper handicraft and many other Kerman ‘s people handicrafts are displayed and for sale.


Hayati museum

Hayati museum

Hayati is originated from the name of a generous women named lady Bibi jan Hayati, poet and writer famous in the 13th century AH in Kerman.

Kerman Hayati Building was built in Solar year in 1267 as a branch of the Imperial Bank of Persia and Britain in Kerman and has long been used for this purpose.
After that time, the Department of Culture and Education of Kerman was there and the last usage of this building was as primary schools for girls. The building was abandoned in 1356 and in 1394 was restored and used as Hayati museum.


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