Haft Bagh-e Alavi


“Haft bagh-e alavi” is a  National Tourism Route, a tourism project in Kerman. It is an expressway of 28. Kilometers length including hike & bike track ,plus horse- carriage lane. A vast area of decorative plantation and trees .


Haft bagh-e alavi, National Tourism Route


“Haft bagh-e alavi includes 22 tourism villages and about 8 places as tourist resorts ,traditional restaurants, gardens, Riding Clubs ,Carting, Safari in Desert, etc.

-2000 Villas on both sides of the expressway in two types ((A and B)) which have been sold in cash and financing systems.

-17 pieces of business type lands with total area of 3375 sq. meters.

-70 gardens (park-shape) accessible thought side-roads which is divided to 60 villas of 1687.5 sq. Meters, in two types A and B with ownership documents (deed’s).

-The project has obtained power ,electricity ((electricity)) water and gas facilities .

Windmill Restaurant, Haft bagh-e alavi

Haft baghe-e alavi  is 28 km along the axis of Tourism  located between the historic city of Kerman and Mahan. Now this is the first choice for fun and circulation of citizens of Kerman.

Some of Implemented plans along Haft Bagh Alavi Express Way :

1.Kakh dinning & entertainment hall
2.Shaqayeq dining & entertainment Hall
3.Bardia restaurant
4. Mahan burger restaurant
5.Padideh kavir dining & entertainment complex
6. Del restaurant
7.Adonis Travel Agency
8. Haft Asheyan restaurant
9. Almas kavir sports &horse-back riding club
10.Shabdiz sports &horse-back riding club
11.Sarina sports &horse-back riding club
12.Paliz Carting track
13. Windmill restaurant



Haft Bagh Alavi   National Tourism Route

A unique investment opportunity

The prerequisite for constructing an abiding, well-grounded architectural complex which could resemble far near civilizations and at the same time retains Islamic values, heartened the officials of Kerman province in the 90,s to bring to reality this bright idea.

Reviving of ancient (karmania) Kerman, the biggest province in Iran at the present, turns this idea from arrogation to accomplishment.

Haft Bagh Alavi which connects together the two ancient cities, Kerman & Mahan, will stand among developing hubs of Kerman province and south – east Iran.

Haft Bagh trajectory is rich in terms of underground water resources and moderate climate, due to mountainous neighborhood that makes it unique and an outstanding project, hence, Haft Bagh Alavi was given birth as national tourism route under supervision of Omran Alavi Mahan Co.


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