Grand Bazaar

Grand BazaarThe Kerman Bazaar with is beautiful manifestation has left as a memorial from the ancient periods and its architecture characteristics astonish the eyes of every visitor. Stretching for 1200m from Tohid Sq(Arg Sq) northeast to Shohada Sq (Moshtag Sq), Kerman’s Grand Bazaar is one of the oldest trading centres in Iran.

This main thoroughfare is made up of four smaller bazaars, and a further 20 or so branch off to the north and south. It is, however, easy enough to navigate and has a vivacity that should keep you interested, especially in the morning and late afternoon. 

Grand BazaarThe erosion hands of uninterested people to the culture and old civilization of architecture as well as natural erosion factors all lead to destroy the beauties of valuable works such as bazaar. In spite of this continual quarrel, some of the architecture works have steadied during history for their unique solidity and the accuracy of their constructors to show the yesterday masterpiece to the new generation and encourage them to creative such artfully works.

bazzarArchitecture of the Kerman bazaar reflects the geographical conditions and climatic circumstances of Iran in the past. Such architecture works indicate the style of architecture in the sassanis era.The bazaar comprises of various rows or alleys such as Arg, Ganj Ali Khan, Ekhtiyari, Sardari, Vakil, Attari, Qadam Gah and Mozaffari rows. Any part of this bazaar had been constructed during the rules of one of the commander or rulers in this territory.

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