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How to travel to Kerman

Kerman Province is located in south-eastern of Iran; it is the largest province in Iran. Kerman is the capital city of Kerman province. It is the largest and most developed city in the Kerman Province and the most important city in South-East Iran.Kerman is one of the five historical cities of Iran. From the industrial, political, cultural and scientific points of view, it is the most important city in the southeast of Iran.


Kerman is on the Tehran, Bandar Abbas and Zahedan route.


tavel by air to kerman

 Air: Kerman Airport is counted as one of the main airports which has daily and weekly flights to Tehran, Ahwaz, Yazd, Esfahan, Bandar Abbas, Mashhad and Shiraz.





Train: Also the Trans-Iranian Railway passes through this city





kerman bus terminal


Bus: Kerman’s newly built Bus terminus named Adineh has been opened in May 2013.


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