Ganjalikhan Mosque

Ganjalikhan Mosque

Ganjalikhan Mosque

It sites in the north-west of square and near Ganjalikhan school. Its long is 525m and its width is 5m at an area about 27/5sq.m. It is a small museum of Islamic decorative art such as tile-work, plaster-work and Calligraphy which has been decorated ina beautiful style and has constructed in 1007(H). About the 14 shops of Ganjalikhan complex are the endowed properties of this mosque which devote to the scholars of Ganjalikhan school. In addition to this mosque there are other mosques that one of them sites in Mesgari bazaar.

Ganjalikhan school

In sites the eastern side of square, according to the historical documents it seems that it was a school in past times that later has changed into caravansarey.

Ganj Ali Khan School (Caravanserai)

The date of that establishment according to the inscription which is seen on its portal as 1007 Hijra (1959 AB) is belongs to more than 420 years ago. Its constructor is an architect who named “Mohammad Soltani Yazdi”. Its dimensions is 23*31.5 m at an area about 724 sq.m. Several cells have been designed in two floors, with beautiful architecture. Its internal and external appearance decorated with beautiful tile-works that are reminder of Safavids era. This school and all of the Ganjalikhan complex were damaged in the attack of Aqa Mohammad Khan Qajar and about 5000 precious manuscripts were plundered from the library of school.


It was in the hand of people before 1972 and they used it as warehouse and shop and didn’t pay attention to kept it. For this reason it gradually destroyed, but later with the efforts of experts and profession it was saved and this organization started to restore it. Some think it was basically a caravansarey but because of special architectural style of its cells it seems to be school.



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