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Haft Bagh alavi tourism attractions

“Haft bagh-e alavi”is a tourism poroject in Kerman. It includes 22 tourism villages and about 8 places as tourist resorts ,traditional restuarants, gardens,Riding Clubs ,Carting,Safari in Desert, etc.

Haft baghe-e alavi  is 28 km along the axis of Tourism  located between the historic city of Kerman and Mahan.
Now this is the first choice for fun and circulation of citizens of Kerman.

Padideh kavir & Flamingo ( dining & entertainment complex)


Exploring Kalut – Shahdad – Kerman (Desert trekking tour)

kalut shahdad kerman


it is wonderful and unbelievable!
it is in the heart of desert ( Lut desert) in Iran. it is said that is the hottest place in the world,but you should go there in the cold seasons to be able to sit hours and look at those beautiful sandy castles,the wave of sandy hills that seems like an ocean! although i was there in July,but i enjoyed very much and recommend those who travel to Iran,not forget that place. watch a video on 

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    • Kaluts exploring

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  at :

you can experience a real pleasant silence in Kaluts ,shahdad town,since here there not a single machinary thing.This vast sandy area gives you a special energy.You can enjoy seeing a unique series of rocks which has been made by the wind power,there are some special camp designated to visitors to stay the night and have a memorable view of the sky of the dessert at can see the milkyway.It`s so fascinating.It`s highly recommended to go there with a person who is familiar the area.And also it`s better to go there in the early morning or in the evening.It`s about 2 hours by car from Kerman, the center city of Kerman province.

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Hiking and Mountain Climbing Tours – kerman


mountain climbing

mountain climbing – kerman

There are many mountains in Kerman. Snow covers the entire mountains in winter and the upper parts in the other seasons.  There are many professional mountain climbing groups in Kerman that offer mountaineering guided tours both as private plans or within a group departure tours, such as Amavand group, Joupar group etc., They support you with their professional team in serious winter condition and other seasons to give you a chance to experience a challenging but safe adventure. in adventure tours in nature of Kerman province

the most important mountains in Kerman are : Joopar mountain, Lalezar mountain, Hezar mountain, Kuhe-shah etc.


Lut Desert Safari

kerman Safari

Lout Desert Safari

A must do for everyone who is visiting Kerman. A memory to share with your family and friends back home.
This tour based on the seasons, departs in the afternoon or morning across the deserts of Kerman.

Now tours and safari tourism sand in Kerman , held in two locations.

Zone 1: “Haft baghe Alavi” , hills and sands bordering the highway. large, dramatic movements and drift sand places is on uneven surfaces.

Zone 2: “Shahdad Kaluts”,Kerman – Sirch-Shahdad- Desert camp and eventually Kalout.

To help you have a tour package for Kerman Deserts Safari with Karmania offroad group, contact : 

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