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Kerman Province Industries

Kerman Province Industries

The economy of Kerman is mostly based on farming and also mining. Sarcheshmeh Copper mine is the second biggest copper mine in the world after the one located in Chile. Sirjan, a specially designated economic zone, is considered a passage-way for transfer of imported commercial goods from the south (through the Persian Gulf). Arg e Jadid, is another specially designated economic zone of Iran, located in Kerman province.

Pistachio is an important source of economy in Kerman, with Kerman province being the biggest producer of pistachio in Iran and all over the world.Kerman citrus are also famous; includes orange, lemon, tangerine and sour orange, these products are cultivated in Bam, Jiroft, Kahnouj, and Kerman and south-eastern of Baft. The summary fruits which are cultivated in Kerman province such as cherries, apple, peach and apricot are high quality and so tasty.

Carpet weaving, which is a very old tradition, is one of the main industries of the city, and Kermanian carpets are renowned internationally. The oldest carpet discovered in Kerman dates from about 500 years ago, which proves the precedence of weaving in this city.

The most important industriial comapnies of Kerman province include:


  • Kerman Tablo Corporate

    Kerman Tablo Corporate


Having metal and non metal mineral sources, Kerman province is one of the richest mineral provinces in the country such that it is known as “Miners’ paradise. Mineral materials such as coal, copper, chromium, zinc, lead, titan and decorative building stones can supply raw materials of the industry in convertible industries. The province mines play important role in supplying constituents required for country industries. Coal mines provide requirements of Isfahan factories of molten iron. Kerman copper mine of Sarchashmeh that is considered one of the richest and purest cooper mines of the world is of special economical characteristics of the province.

Copper mine Sarcheshmeh- kerman

Copper mine Sarcheshmeh- kerman

main Mines of Kerman province:

Kerman province is considered one of mineral provinces of the country. Volume of mineral sources is 3.5 milliard tons and they are often copper, Iron, titan, coal, chromites and decorative stones.

1- Copper: the most important copper mines of the province are: Sarchashmeh, Meydouk, Darrehzar, Chehar Gonbad, Alou valley, Sargazkouh. They store one milliard and 700 million tons that are active and some are in progress.

2- Iron: this metal is centered in two belts of Kerman: alteration belt of Sirjan that has the most important and qualitative Iron mines in Iran. In Gol-e Gohar mine of Iron, of totally one milliard ton sources predicted, 700 million ton sources have been observed and its detail discoveries has been completed and they are extracting. The second iron belt is Bafgh- Kerman. It stores definitely 180 million tons.

3- Kahnouj Titanium: Kahnouj titanium with 500 million ton sources and average yield of 3.5 % titan is one of the important and strategic mines of the country. And yet 290 million ton alluvial sources with average yield 4% have been observed by discovery operations.

4- Chromites mines: located in Baft and Jiroft regions and have 16 million ton sources.

5- Building stone mines: productive capacity of present mines is more than 2 million tons.

6- coal: most of these mines are located in Zarand and its suburbs. They store about 120 million ton

Bardsir steel plant

Bardsir steel plant

The most important proposed projects are:

1- Construction of steel factory

2- Construction of titanium factory for annual production of 50000 ton pigments in Kahnouj region.

3- Construction of pulp factories in east- south

4- Construction of Agro- industry complex in Jiroft, Kahnouj and Ghal-eh Ganj in order to produce pulp and viscous fibers

5- Manufacturing and assembling different kinds of automobiles

6- Providing and developing lateral crafts related to copper (kinds of copper pipes, copper segments and joints, fro molybdenum, producing copper forgnings and other crafts related to copper).

7- Production of types of rolling products of hard aluminum alloys

8- Construction of coal washing factories

9- Construction of chemical fertilizer factory

10- Proper potentials regarding construction of agricultural convertible industries in order to prevent from wasting agricultural products (concerning various agricultural products in the province).

11- Proper position of the province due to being near to southern ports and locating on the way of transit way

12- Existence of suitable infrastructures in industrial development that includes energy supply network, transportation network (roadway, rail, aerial) and communication network in telephone lines and gas supply

13- Presence of experts

14- Presence of scientific centers and technical training centers

15- Presence of commercial special zone


Commercial zones

Economically, Sirjan commercial free and special zone has added to importance of the province. In addition of affecting total economical development of the province, this special zone is very important from tourism development perspective. Sirjan is the main way of goods transmission to East of Iran, Europe and Persian Gulf and is the traffic rout of all commercial products from Hormozgan Shahid Rajayi Port to Asian countries, Caucasia and Russia. In fact, this city connects all transit axes and good transportation from south to north, east and west of Iran and other northern countries, east and west of Europe and Persian Gulf. The main earthy transit way (railway and road) passes this city and the commercial special zone by Shahid Rajayi Port and extends to big and industrial provinces of the country ( Kerman, Yazd and Shiraz). This region has played important role in economical structure of the country as a special economical pole based on landing stage profits and it will add to the importance of this economical position in future.

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