The special fruit and souvenir of Kerman is pistachio. The large and ancient region of Kerman with its low population is the largest region in the world, produced pistachio.it is special souvenir of Kerman in kind and variety. On the other hand, it is one of valuable agricultural products and is economical support of the country.


The first pistachio trees have been the origin of current pistachio gardens have been transferred to this region in the early 13th century. Among the best region in Kerman in which pistachio is cultivated are Rafsanjan, Robat, Ravar and Kerman itself, Bardsir, Shahr-e-Babak, Zarand and a part of regions of Abareq and Tahrud village in Bam.Rafsanjan is the first place in producing and exporting Iranian pistachio.Pistachios grown in Rafsanjan are especially famous , and completely identified as top quality pistachio in world market Types of pistachio in Kerman are Kal-e Ghoochi, Ohadi, Robati, Almond, Squashy, Ravari and Momtaz.


  1. good article, by the way i think pistachio is dried fruit instead of calling fruit

  2. pistachio is a must buy, when u are in kerman :)

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