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Kerman Carpet

Kerman carpet has included among the most beautiful and premium carpets of Iran and the world. Kerman carpet more than everything is famous because of its color and design which are very important for a carpet.

 kerman CarpetKerman carpet

Kerman carpet is a garden of colorful flowers whose fragrance is comforting for those who love arts. Kerman carpet is more than 400 years old and there is an old picture of Kerman carpet belonging to the time of the Safavids. A precious Kerman carpet is covering the floor of the US Senate. It was woven 100 years ago by one of the city’s artists called Abolqasem Karbasi and is about 400 square meters in area. It was shipped to the United States despite many difficulties. The weaver had first spread the carpet in front of the western yard of the Grand Mosque of Kerman to take a picture of it and prove that its area was no less than 400 sq. m. Another famous Kerman carpet is the one which has been taken from Kerman to the United States by an Armenian called “Toum Kolijan” and which is spread under the big Freedom Bell. Finally, peace ambassadors stood on a Kerman carpet in Versailles, France, and signed the peace treaty.

kerman Carpet

Major figures like Mohammad Arjmand Kermani, who is known as carpet king of the world, brought about major changes into the industry and his carpets can be still seen at many palaces. A major feature of Kerman carpets is that rhythmic quality of its patterns which are soothing to viewers.

Since the late 19th century, Kerman’s hand-woven, knotted pile carpets are widely regarded as among the finest in the world by art historians and collectors for the quality of their materials and workmanship.

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