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“Kerman is attractive” : Italian filmmaker

Carlo Luciano and his colleagues are visiting the place to produce a report of Kerman’s tourism attractions. They found the Kerman market an attractive spot for the Italian group.

“We chose Kerman since it was Iran’s largest province, its tourism attractions including Arg-e Bam and because it was located in a desert”, Luciano said on Tuesday.

“Kerman’s local people are very kind and hospitable”, he noted.

kerman Grand Bazzar

kerman Grand Bazzar

The Italian group is visiting the place to make a documentary for Rai 2 TV channel which will be aired after a month. When asked whether he would like to visit the province once more, he said: “Inshallah”.

Based on old maps, the center of Kerman province, the city of Kerman, is one of the oldest cities of Iran. The presence of historical monuments, highlighting its inherent culture and civilizations in the desert city is a proof of this fact. Kerman is indeed considered a museum of Iranian architectural styles.

The historical texture of Kerman, spread over 400 hectares, is one of the most unique sites left from the Qajar.


source : http://www.irna.ir/en/News/81411968/