Iran’s most valuable handicraft, which has a worldwide reputation, is hand-woven carpets and kilim (short-napped coarse carpet). Persian carpets, due to their beautiful design, texture, and fixed color have their own special privileges, which is unique in the world. Many people, specially women are involved in this industry, in large and small carpet workshops, scattered throughout Iran. Nomadic women weave a simple kind of carpet in their leisure time called jajim (coarse). Jajim is softer and lighter than kilim. In addition to these, another hand-woven products like cashmere, shawls, and different cloth are produced in Iran for different uses. Every tourist who comes to Iran,and specially Kerman wishes to purchase a small carpet, jajim or kilim. Everybody knows the reputation of Persian carpet,and Kerman carpet as one of the best and invaluable handicrafts of the world. This industry and its workshops are both state and privately owned. Most carpets are produced in rural and tribal regions of Kerman. The carpet of every region has its own texture, design and color.

kerman Handicraft

handicraft-gelim and jajim

Nice, delicate Jajim shoes and jajim bag is a masterpiece of Kerman artist. Scarlet attractive coloring make it handy for occasional and informal getting together.Make friends and family happy by giving them a pair as Iranian original crafting art.

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