Haft Bagh Alavi, Investment opportunities

Haft bagh alavi

Haft bagh-e alavi

Haft Bagh Alavi   National Tourism Route, A unique investment opportunity

The prerequisite for constructing an abiding, well-grounded architectural complex which could resemble far near civilizations and at the same time retains Islamic values, heartened the officials of Kerman province in the 90,s to bring to reality this bright idea.

Reviving of ancient (karmania) Kerman, the biggest province in Iran at the present, turns this idea from arrogation to accomplishment.

Haft Bagh Alavi which connects together the two ancient cities, Kerman & Mahan, will stand among developing hubs of Kerman province and south – east Iran.

Haft Bagh trajectory is rich in terms of underground water resources and moderate climate, due to mountainous neighborhood that makes it unique and an outstanding project, hence, Haft Bagh Alavi was given birth as national tourism route under supervision of Omran Alavi Mahan Co.

And by providing the infrastructures and ground for local and foreign investments, Haft Bagh Alavi shall become the prime illustration of tourism development by medium of construction shopping and recreational centers, and building residential villas alongside the project.

For making the project operational, the first 28 kilometers of the expressway has been designed, built and paved, including a hike & bike track and horse-carriage ride lane.

Haft bagh-e alavi

Haft bagh-e alavi


Haft bagh alavi a new civilization:

Haft Bagh Alavi national tourism route is constructed in a unique area, with existing sand hills around, plus its ecological status such as sun shine , blue sky full star nights , provides the grounds for strategic investments in below areas :

  • Safari Parks
  • Sand therapy sites
  • Modern observatories
  • Commercial buildings & shopping centers
  • Recreational , water parks , outdoor & covered amusement parks, entertainment complexes , safari camel riding , birds garden, monorail path from kerman to shahzadeh garden
  • Sports : creating sports sites for beach football , beach volleyball , tennis court , carting , motorbike track , sand skiing
  • Accommodation : Hotel apartment, Motels , touristic complex
  • Educational : aviation engineering

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